Are you interested in learning more about the financial, financial technology, quantitative finance and consulting industry and how best to relate to it? If that is the case, then the decision should not be particularly difficult. This, we offer you as a member:

Then MDH Finance Society is something for you!

Event invitations
As a member, you can attend all our career fairs, company presentations, lectures, lunch presentations and other exciting activities that MDH Finance Society organize. Here you will be in contact with companies and meet other students with interest in various areas of finance, financial technology and management consulting.

Opportunity to get involved
As a member you choose how much you want to get involved and how active you want to be. There is considerable room for own initiatives and MDH Finance Society is an excellent forum for your ideas. It's a big plus if you previously have been an active member, when you are looking for an entry to the Board.

Social activities
As a member you will be invited to all of the more informal social events arranged by MDH Finance Society. These events are in purpose of providing members the opportunity to get to know eachother better, exchange experience and enjoy life in a more informal manner.

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Welcome to MDH Finance Society!